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Lunar Power
Blue Moon Herbals
By Lisa Link Phillips

In my own quest, the first products I tried were those from Blue Moon Herbals, a small company specializing in handmade potions, scrubs and oils to "enhance psychological and physical being."

blue moon logoDebbie Quinn, a woman who truly believes these products create power, runs Blue Moon. She has overcome cancer, three times, and she attributes much of her success to making the power of scent a part of her daily life.

Also, almost all of her potions contain little "charged" gems and shells, which are supposed to add to the overall power of the product. I was certainly intrigued from the get-go.

My first impression of Blue Moon Herbals wasn't the greatest, though. When I opened my box, my first "fragrant" encounter was with the overwhelming scent of tobacco smoke. Now, I'm not terribly sensitive to smoke, and still I found it a bit oppressive.

Smoke is definitely not the first smell I like to associate with a line of body care products. However, the smell was only in the packaging, and not at all in the products, so once I tossed out the packing material, the problem was solved.

Blue Moon products come packaged in pretty cobalt bottles, and with good reason. Beyond the simple visual appeal, the deep blue glass provides an important function. Since these products contain a high degree of delicate essential oils, the opaque bottles protect them from being broken down by light exposure.

The charming, handmade paper labels added to the overall presentation of the products, and Blue Moon definitely comes out on top as "loveliest to look at."

First, I sampled the Moon Potions (
½oz for $18), which are designed to fragrance yourself, or your living space (via a diffuser), and provide a "magical experience for your body and soul."

I tried both Amber Seas (designed for inner peace and warm love) and Spellbound (designed for protection). Personally, these were a little too strong for me.

Both fragrances have pronounced notes, like amber and patchouli, which are just a little much for my allergy-sensitive nose. However, if you enjoy blue moon products stronger, earthy fragrances, these just might be for you.

I also tried the Sensual Scents ($14.99), which can be applied directly to skin or added to a bath for fragrance and moisturizing. I liked the two scents I tried, Hana Aloha (which means, "love work") and Mananalo (which means "Venus"), a bit better than the previous fragrances because they seemed to have a fresher, softer floral scent (Pikake and Plumeria, respectively).

And, since these potions are packed with cold-pressed oils like apricot kernel oil, virgin coconut cream and Kukui nut oil, they are wonderfully pampering, especially when added to the bath. My skin felt very soft and satin-y after a nice, long soak.

I was also delightfully surprised by the Aura Myst in Tranquility. Aura Mysts are scented waters designed to spritz on your body, around the house, or even on linens. I found the fragrance, a mixture of ylang ylang, rose, frankincense, rosewood, and tangerine, to be sparkling and bright; a lovely combination of floral and fruit, with just enough warmth to make it soothing.

Even my husband thought it smelled, "yummy." We spritzed it on our pillows and sheets before bed, and slept like babies. Find Aura Mysta under "Aroma Vibrationals" for $15.95.

The last item I tried from the Blue Moon line was the Healing Citrus Hand Crème. This thick moisturizer was just what my retail-ravaged hands needed; a soothing blend of shea butter, aloe, and lecithin, scented with orange, hazelnut, and tonka bean.

It smelled luscious, and moisturized my hands brilliantly. I used it before bed every night for a few weeks, and marveled at how much better my hands looked, especially around the cuticles. Find this creme under "SkinCare" for $8.50.

Overall, Blue Moon Herbals products were unusual and interesting, but I found many of the fragrances just smelled a little too much like incense for my taste ­ complicated and strong, which tends to leave me sniffling and head-achy.

However, since loving or hating a fragrance is highly personal, I suggest you give them a try at, and see what you think. You might even find a little magic for yourself.


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