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Essential Restoratives
By Lisa Link Phillips

Next on the list were two nice little items from Essential Restoratives, a small company in Orleans, Massachusetts.

The owner, Vicki Bedell, says on the E.R. website: "Essential Restoratives began with my personal search for natural alternatives to improve the quality of my health and well-being. The inspiration foressential restoratives products each Essential Restorative product comes from the needs of my family and friends or my own personal needs."

"Packed into each formula is the love and caring that comes with its inspiration. My hope is that Essential Restoratives products help you to Listen to what your body needs and treat it with love."

These sentiments are just one of the reasons I enjoy buying from small, independent companies. Essential Restoratives, like Blue Moon, has a name and face to associate with its products.

These women understand that, and pay attention to product integrity and presentation, and end up delivering a high degree of quality you feel good supporting.

I tried two of Vicki's scents in two different forms: the Bath and Body Oil in Luv Poshun, and Solid Fragrance in Magic Aromatic. The Luv Poshun bath and body oil is a sweet, rich combination of sandalwood, ylang ylang, and rose all of which are said to attract love and sensuality to your life.

After taking a bath in this, I did, admittedly, feel relaxed and even a bit frisky. My husband offered to keep me well stocked with this one. Seriously though, this is a nice oil that smells surprisingly fresh, despite the three very rich fragrances of which it is comprised.

The only downside? It came to my door in a leaky bottle, which was a bit of a mess. E.R. needs to make sure that oil-type products, especially, come shipped in bottles that are well-made and leak proof. For the record, though, I would definitely pick this item up again.

I also enjoyed the Magic Aromatic combination, which is designed to "evoke new beginnings and promote calm and inner peace." This mixture of lavender, sandalwood,essential restoratives butterfly and chamomile is right up my alley: fresh, herbal and light, with mere undertone of richness.

This is a solid, balm-like formula, made with essential oils in a combination of coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and beeswax.

This is perfect for girls or guys on the go who like to smell good, but don't want to worry about a broken cologne bottle in their purse, book bag, or backpack.

These two products really sparked my interest, and I fully intend to work my way through the Essential Restoratives line. I like the idea that all of the fragrance compositions are fairly simple (each combination contains three different scents) and there is a wide variety to scents from which to choose.

Essential Restoratives scents are split into three groups: Spirit, Earth, and Therascents; each with their own set of "benefits." Definitely a lot of nice choices presented.

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