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Natural Tea
Cheriís Country Cottage
By Jill Sterling

After the unintelligible ingredients of some of the other products, Cheriís County Cottage Green Tea Soap was a welcome change. I enjoyed this soap a lot.

This large green hunk of soap with chunks of sloughing agents (they look like seeds) did a great job of sloughing off dead skin and getting me clean. The smell is like ivory soap with a slight hint of a tea scent.

The bar is packaged very simply and contains shea butter, mango butter, silky jojoba oil, almond oils, green tea extract, Vitamin C, spearmint, tea tree, and rosemary essential oils. $4.59 for 4oz Ė a nice product at a nice price.

Cheriís Country Cottage Gardener's Hand Cream
, with shea butter, rose hip seed oil, green tea extract, lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils and vitamin E, is a wonderfully thick, fluffy and aromatic (the scent is reminiscent of cinnamon and spice) concoction.

I really like hand creams that actually moisturize beyond the topical and this product definitely delivers. Upon initial application, the cream is greasy and oily Ė like Vaseline; but after only a very short while, the greasy feeling disappeared and my hands felt incredibly moisturized and soft.

The tubís label promises that "This cream will massage into skin eventually!"  Be patient Ė it does and itís well worth it. My hands felt incredibly moisturized - almost heavy from the deep moisturizing properties. The pleasant scent and moisturizing effects stay with your skin over time, which is very nice.

Donít think you have to be a gardener to use it. If you want your hands to feel like a babyís bottom, try this product. The 2-ounce tub, which sells for $8.84, is a nice product for gardeners and non-gardeners alike! Another added bonus is that a little goes a very long way so the price is most certainly right!


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