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Inferior Imperial?
DHC Skincare
By Jill Sterling

DHC Skincare Imperial Green Tea Shower Gel
is an off-white gel in a light green plastic pump bottle. The pump isnít as effective as I would have liked Ė you have to pump about 10 times to get a decent amount of gel out.

This gel has been infused with green tea to help reduce the effect of environmental stress on the skin.

It lathered well, had a slightly minty smell (thanks to lavender and peppermint oils) and the green tea scent really came through.

This gel makes your skin squeaky clean and smells nice after toweling off. One word of caution: over time in my shower, the gel seemed to be breaking down and the scent changed to a more bitter scent.

The gel also became more discolored. It's available at for $12.50 for about 8oz.


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