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Smooth as Silk
Isn't She Lovely
By Lisa Link

Moisturizing is essential for your skin, no matter what the season. Keep in mind that you don't want something too heavy, especially considering you will be wearing fairly delicate fabric that might show oil spots.

Bathina Body So FineLook for lightweight formulas like Blisslabs Silky Milk Body Lotion ($25 for 8.5oz), which is basically a really thinned-down version of their wonderful Lemon and Sage Body Butter, and Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Body Moisturizer ($7.29 for 10.1oz).

If you'd like to add a little shimmer (a necessity for bare shoulders or a daring neckline), Benefit Bathina Body So Fine (4oz for $26.00 at is an ingenious body balm formula that smells like a cross between roses and peaches.

It has a very, very subtle pearl sparkle that looks luminous, but isn't anything close to "too much."  It also makes skin go all satiny and lovely, thanks to a host of moisturizing elements.


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