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Bronzed Goddess
And All Aglow
By Lisa Link

Personally, I've never understood the cult of deeply tanned skinned (um, saddlebag anyone?) but I think everyone loves the glow their skin takes on in the summer. Even with the religious use of sunscreen, your skin will darken during the summer simply because increased light results in heightened melanin production.

GlamazonEven if you have a winter wedding planned, there are still products that will give your skin a golden cast. While I would avoid self-tanner or bronzing powder (which might rub off on light fabrics) you can mix bronzing gel or liquid with your regular lotion and apply it normally.

Glamazon by Benefit Cosmetics
($26.00 for .5oz at, and Bonne Bell Bronzing Gel ($3.50 for 1.1oz at are both good bets.

This lotion/bronzer combination will give you a subtle tint that shouldn't rub off (but, I'd try it first with white shorts and a white t-shirt, just to be sure).


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