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But Ever so Gently
By Lisa Link

Using gentle cleansers, either in the form of gels, liquids, or bar soap, is the best way to keep clean without stripping skin and upsetting its acid mantle.

Personally, I prefer using a liquid or gel cleanser with a big ol' shower pouf to get loads of lather.

ShiKai Bath GelsSome formulas I love are:

ShiKai Moisturizing Shower and Bath Gel
in Yuzu Fruit or Apricot Rose (12oz for $6.99)
Fresh Cosmetics Milk Shower Foam
(8.8oz for $26.00)
Fresh Cosmetics Baby Mukki Bubbles
in Honeydew (8.5oz for $12.50)
Aromaleigh Yummy Body Wash in Chocolate Orange (8oz for $15.00).

All of the aforementioned formulas are moisturizing and gentle, smell fabulous, and will leave your skin feeling silky after your shower or soak.


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