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True Grit
By Lisa Link

Exfoliating once a week should be a regular part of your body-beautiful routine. Exfoliating helps sluggish skin turn over its top dermal layer more often, so you can address a multitude of problems such as flakiness or excess sebum.

Take a gentle approach, though, as overzealous scrubbing can harm rather than help. Unfortunately, many salt scrubs, while highly effective, can be painful as all hell on irritated or broken skin.

I far prefer sugar scrubs to salt scrubs, and absolutely adore Fresh Cosmetics' Brown Sugar Sugarbath Body Polish ($58.00 for 15oz). The formula smells luscious, and contains essential oils that calm acne, heal abrasions, and revitalize tired, sallow skin.

I also really like Blisslabs Lemon Peel Scrub (8.5oz for $30.00 at, Good Home Company's Sugarush Body Scrub (8oz for $17.00) and Aromaleigh's Mad for Mocha Scrub, (8oz for $15.00) which uses ground coffee as an exfoliant and smells mocha - yummy!

If you're prone to breakouts and sensitive skin, I would stick with the Sugarbath Scrub from Fresh because it really helps heal breakouts. You can also use a gentle scrub formulated for acne-prone complexions.

Look for salicylic acid on the ingredient list, which is great for treating acne, yet won't over dry your skin when used in small amounts. Proactiv Solutions makes a line of products specifically designed to treat acne-prone skin.


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