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Lucky Chick - Sole Survivior
By Jill Bowling

My next "treat for the feet" was Lucky Chick’s Sole Survivor foot kit ($30 at I was so excited to open the box. Inside was an adorable cardboard box (think Dunkin' Donuts Munchkins box) with an artist’s drawing of different feet on the sides.

When I opened the box filled with hot pink confetti, the Lucky Chick products were calling my name. I started with the toe nail file (a hot pink foot shape which was too fun) and pumice stone to smooth the rough edges.

I then went for the Fab Footsies Peppermint Foot Scrub. The 1-ounce jar of foot scrub was excellent! When you open the jar the smell of peppermint is very strong. The Vitamin E, aloe vera, jojoba and tea tree oil make the scrub less irritating to your skin though.

The peppermint also cooled my feet. The key ingredients that actually make the product exfoliate your skin are bits of pumice stone and apricot shells. The scrub worked great on my elbows also. After the foot scrub my feet felt very soft and moisturized.

Next I tried the Foot Fancy Eucalyptus & Mint Foot Soak. While the soak did not have the strong scent of the scrub it was cooling and soothed my feet. I loved reading my favorite magazine while kicked back to enjoy the soak.

There were no directions on this product so I mixed the whole bottle with warm water for my soak. The scent of mint and eucalyptus was light and refreshing, and the soak created some fun bubbles that I enjoyed swishing around in.

After lightly drying my smooth, soft, refreshed tootsies I was feeling like a "Lucky Chick" when I prepped for the next product on my night of foot pampering.

Lucky Chick logoThe Happy Feet Peppermint Foot & Leg Lotion was my next favorite treat (the scrub is the best I’ve ever used) from the kit. The scent of the lotion is very light - think "peppermint cream."

Due to the sensitive nature of my skin (lotions typically break me out and I have to be extremely careful with certain fragrances) I was a little leery of this product. I LOVED it!

To continue with the theme of the product line, eucalyptus and tea tree oil were also ingredients in the lotion, but this product was also blended with enriched with Irish Moss and Elder Flower Extract. The natural ingredients and calming oils allowed me to enjoy the product with no irritation.

Last but not least, I sprayed the Lucky Feet Peppermint Foot Mist on my sweet feet. What a nice, refreshing end to the pedicure. Very light and slightly oily, the spray added a glisten to my feet. The spray is a wonderful “pick me up” for tired feet as well. Again, no irritations due to the aloe vera and natural oils.

This would be a great kit for a "girls night" party. You would probably have to order several because of the small quantities of most of the products.


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