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Essential Oil Products
By Jill Bowling

The next set of pleasing pedicure products I tested were from EO (Essential Oil) Products. I tried three products from their updated foot care line.

I had been out gardening the day I chose to pamper my tootsies this time and was pleased with how gentle all the products were to my skin and feet.

I started with the EO Foot Scrub with Lavender and Tea Tree. This light scrub rubbed vigorously into my tired feet was invigorating.

The scrub is simply made with the natural ingredients of organic brown rice, honey, kaolin clay, purified water, vegetable glycerin and essential oils. The scrub was effective, but not too harsh.

Next I tried EO FootSalts, scented with peppermint and lavender. The packaging stated that "during our lifetime, our feet will carry us the equivalent of 5 times around the earth" - imagine that! We would all take better care of our feet if we thought about that more often.

EO blends solar and epsom salts with essential oils of peppermint and French lavender to make this soothing soak. Approximately 3 tablespoons of salts dissolved in warm water had me in “la la land”. The oils spread throughout the water, replacing the drying salt and leaving my feet feeling absolutely fabulous.

The soak was actually calming to a mosquito bite and small cut I had from gardening. I was expecting to feel stinging from the salts, but instead my abrasion and bite felt better after the soak and healed quickly. My feet glistened from the oils in the soak even after drying with a towel.

After the soak, I slathered the EO FootBalm ($10.00) onto my new "sandal-ready" feet. Correctly labeled “balm”, this thick moisturizer was a delightful end to my pedicure. This product was scented with lavender and peppermint as well.

The natural ingredients, including mango seed butter, green tea, chamomile and Vitamins A & C, were just what the doctor ordered. The balm was thick, but applied very easily to my already soft feet and locked in the moisture.

I can’t wait to try EO’s newest FootRelief product, Revitalizing Lotion, which completes the 4 essential foot care products in this line.

My sensitive skin loves EO’s natural products and soaks up the essential oils. I found this entire line soothing, refreshing and calming to my skin. These products are also well-known for their natural anti-bacterial properties.

A "must have" for summer. Enjoy!!! Find EO's Foot Relief kit for about $14.00 at and


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