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Soul Scents
By Jill Bowling

I love the products I received from Soul Scents in California. For this home pedicure session, It felt the most like being at a spa having the full treatment.

For the self-indulging event, I began with Soul Scents Dead Sea Bath Salts (or foot soak for this occasion).

When I opened the bag to fill my tub, I noticed a thin slip of paper nestled in with the sea salts. To my surprise it was a quote (like in a fortune cookie) to help get my mind in the right place for my evening of fun. What a great idea!!

"You are never asked to do more than you are able without being given the strength and ability to do it."

WOW, did I need that!! OK, now I’m even more excited about putting my tootsies in the "soul enriching" soak. he warm foot soak was very relaxing. After about 10-15 minutes, my feet felt so soft. My rough, dry skin was down the drain.

This is a great bath soak also. My sensitive skin did not react at all to the natural ingredients: of Dead Sea salts and essential oils. The salts have a very nice, clean scent as well.

Next, I tried the Soul Scents Sugar Scrub ($36 for 17 oz. at THIS IS THE BEST SCRUB EVER!! The sugar is so much less irritating than typical salt and seed scrubs. It doesn’t sting at all. I tried both the Brown Sugar and Citrus Splash.

This product also had the slip of paper (wax) with a quote. In the tub of scrub, there wSoul Scents sugar scrubas a seashell to stir the product and use as a dipper - I love it! Too cute! Again, this totally gave that extra touch so I felt I was having a spa treatment - Mind, soul and body!!

Be sure to stir the scrub before using. It is extremely oily, but that is part of what I really liked about it. It’s designed to be used in the shower or bath and is gentle enough to use daily.

It worked as an excellent exfoliate on my feet, but I loved it even more when I used it in the shower. After washing with soap, I applied it liberally in a circular motion all over my body. The sweet smell and sugary/oily mixture was pure heaven.

After exfoliating you can use the scrub to shave with. At first, I did not believe the packaging instructions when they said, "shave over the sugar scrub under arms, bikini, legs and face…. rinse and towel off completely (very important due to oils)."

The product states you will never need to apply shaving cream, lotion or body spray after bathing again. And they are right!! The sugar and oils actually protect your skin and razor and make for the cleanest, most moisturizing shave I’ve experienced.

I still felt the moisture and emollient-feel the next morning after showering the previous night. Since there is no water or alcohol in the product it actually extends the life of your razor. No issue with my sensitive skin either. After showering, bathing or “scrubbing” with the product, you have this thick layer of oil all over your body. It seals in the moisture. Need I say more? 

This is a must-try for feet exfoliation, and for everyday bathing/showering as well. CAUTION: The directions emphasize that due to the product’s oily nature, be sure to clean your tub or shower so you avoid slipping. Be careful!

To end my fabulous foot frenzy of a night, I massaged the Peppermint and Tea Tree Shea Butter Lotion on my renewed feet. While the peppermint was soothing (it also helps stimulate circulation) the antiseptic properties of tea tree oil help to kill odor-causing bacteria (so that’s why the best foot care products contain that essential oil).

Soul Scents has hit my list of “favorites” to shop frequently. Find Soul Scents products at

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