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Bottoms Up! by Tru Sunshine
By Jill Bowling

I am so excited about this first product. I had never tried a mask on my feet, but love how soft my face feels after lathering up for a home facial. Bottoms Up! by Tru Sunshine creates a product for feet called Warm Honeysuckle Foot Mask-urade. ($16 for 8 oz. at

Yum! Warm honeysuckle makes you think summer before you even open the jar. The thick, white mask smells clean and fresh. You can smell the Bottoms Up Foot Mask natural extracts of vanilla, aloe vera, chamomile, rosemary and sage when you open the jar. I settled in for one of my favorite shows and slathered the goop on both feet.

Although it is extremely thick and gooey, it applies fairly easily to your tired, rough toes and feet. The packaging claims the product is “not for the faint of heart or feet” and they are right. I was expecting the mask to get really tight and somewhat flake off after the recommended time (5-10 minutes).

That was not the case—the feeling was more like a thick layer of Crisco on your feet. I enjoyed the feeling of rubbing my feet together with the mask on—the feeling was quite “warming” as noted in the product's name.

The ingredients are not drying at all. You can feel the glycerin, china clay and zinc oxide with the other natural ingredients working their magic. I wiped the mask off with a towel (this took a little work—they also suggest rinsing with warm water) after about 15 minutes. WOW!!

My feet felt so soft and moisturized. Even my heels (a problem area-dryness and cracking) were sealed with a nice emollient feel, almost like I had worn socks with Vaseline in them for the night (an old trick of mine). My feet remained feeling soft and refreshed even the next morning.

I highly recommend this product. My sensitive skin was not affected at all by the fragrances or ingredients. The packaging is adorable too—pastel circles on a flat round plastic jar in a felt black bag with red drawstring. A true treat!!


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