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Cottage Shoppe
Anji Blizzard
By Melissa Miller

Anji Blizzard, the bubbly owner of Sens de Corps Alternative Body Care at, dubs her products “candy for the soul”. She feels that big cosmetic companies give their products an alluring look, but provide few quality ingredients.

Her product formulations are rich in almond and grape seed oils and shea butter, and can be custom-scented in over 100 fragrance or essential oils. She tests her natural products on co-workers, friends and then finally on her mother, who she says has the most sensitive skin on the planet. If they work for her mom then she knows anyone can use them.

Blizzard has created a reasonably cottage shoppe body butterpriced and nourishing Body Butter with 30% shea butter ($4.50 for 4oz) and Body Lotion ($4.65 for 4oz) that quickly absorbs into the skin. Blizzard created them because she was tired of waiting 15 minutes each morning for moisturizing lotions and creams to sink into her skin before she could get dressed!

Move over Body Shop Body Butter; this is vastly superior. My skin loves Sens de Corps thick, emollient Body Butter in Pink Grapefruit Chiffon.

I sampled the Lotion Bar ($2.50 for 1oz) in Summer Musk (a gorgeous light, soft musk with a citrus note). It’s packaged in a handy push-up tube making it perfect for carrying in your bag. A good travel companion is the SLS-free Bath and Shower Gel ($6.50 for 8oz), which does double duty as a gentle body wash and hair shampoo.

For a unique, gentle body scrub you must try the luxurious Brown Sugar Scrub ($6 for 10oz). This has a thick molasses consistency with shea butter, almond and grape seed oils that leaves the skin silky but not oily or greasy. It may be custom-scented but the rich brown sugar scent is wonderful on its own.

Body Polish
(also $6 for 10oz), a gentle sea salt scrub, is one of Sens de Corps best sellers. Another popular spring and summer item is the Body Mist ($4.65 for 4oz), which contains glycerin to help moisturize the skin.

All Cottage Shoppe scents are also available in Perfume Roll-ons ($7.50 for 1/3oz). One of the most requested perfume roll-on scents is Vanilla Velvet, a rich, buttery, “foody” vanilla. I’m also smitten with the Massage Bars ($5 for 2.6oz), which are packed with shea butter, sweet almond and grapefruit seed oils, and may be custom-scented.

Best selling Sens de Corps scents are Coco Lime Cooler, Blackberry Sage Tea, Lemon Crème, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Buttercream, Wedding Cake, Mandarin and Vanilla, Blueberry Muffin, Hadrien (a perfect copy of Annick Goutal Hadrien), Angel Tears (a white floral and musk blend), Sunshine Essential Oil Blend (a delightful mix of grapefruit, orange, lemon, lime and grapes with light floral and musk undertones) and Belladonna (rose, sandalwood, patchouli, myrrh and rosewood essential oils).

Sens de Corps also carries a variety of other bath and body products, all of which may be custom-scented. Their Web site is full of fascinating facts about cosmetic ingredients and natural skin care; in addition, the complete ingredients are listed for each product. 

Blizzard has also created Emu Oil Healing Ointment, an effective, natural treatment for arthritis, eczema and psoriasis. A local doctor used her treatment and now recommends it to all his patients. This ointment is not on the site, so if you’re interested in this product please contact Sens de Corps for more information.


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