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Chelmsford Herbal Soap Company
Rebecca Lucich
By Melissa Miller

Rebecca Lucich, owner of Chelmsford Herbal Soap Company, began making soap with her grandmother. By the time she was seven she had created her own beeswax cream, and as a teenager she sold her handmade products to her mother’s beauty salon customers.

In 1990 she started experimenting with shea butter products and made soap, body creams and lotions in the evenings and weekends during off-time from her day job. Her products were soon in great demand so she left her job in 1996 and went into business for herself.

Her labor produced Chelmsford’s magnificent, all-natural Shea Butter Body Cream ($7.95 for 4oz). This is, without a doubt, one of the most moisturizing body treatments available and has banished my perpetually dry skin and eczema.

It contains 30% shea butter, sunflower and soy oils, and vitamins A and E. It can be custom-scented in many fragrances, with Chelmford’s grapefruit scent being my favorite. This scent is so beautiful and intoxicating that every time I apply it someone asks me what fragrance I’m wearing.

Yes, it’s that good. The mix is blended with five different grapefruit essential oils imported from around the world. Shea Butter Body Lotion ($9.95 for 8oz) is a lighter version of the cream. I love this one in Linden, a clean and fresh aroma with a hint of honey.

Another bestseller is the Sea Salt Body Scrub ($18 for 24oz), a wonderfully refreshing, aromatic mix of moisturizing oils and sea salt. This reminds me of Origins Sea Salt Scrub but is much less scratchy and less expensive.

Sugar Scrub
($18 for 24oz), another staple in my shower, contains ten fragrant essential oils and is a gentle, soothing exfoliator. I’d never been a fan of floral scented products until I encountered Essential Comfort Cream ($9.95 for 8 oz.), a silky blend of coconut and sunflower oils with essential oils of Egyptian geranium, lavender and rose geranium.

I’ve been layering this with floral perfumes and it’s a perfect match every time. Lucich named it Essential Comfort Cream because the word “comfort” came to people’s minds when they encountered the exotic and soothing aroma.

Also popular is Chelmsford’s luxurious and silky Body Oil ($8 for 4 oz.), a blend of vitamin E, soy and fractionated coconut oils, which may be custom scented and layered with the Shea Butter Lotion or Cream. Try this one in Rosemary-Mint and your skin will sing.

A Chelmsford specialty is their scented, natural Herbal Soaps ($2 for 2oz. bar, $3.95 for 4oz. bar) made with olive, coconut, palm and castor oils. I’ve always used shower gels until I tried these creamy moisturizing bar soaps and now I’m hooked. Popular soaps are Lemon Mist, Bay Rum, Shea Butter, Mint Refresher and Patchouli Passion.

The company makes soaps for specific skin care needs, such as eczema, psoriasis and sensitive skin. Chelmsford was recently commissioned by a large pharmaceutical company to create an all-natural prescription soap. Rebecca feels that it is a positive step for pharmaceutical companies and doctors to look to natural products for treating skin problems.

Chelmsford also offers Wonder Balm (a natural healing salve), Bath Tub Teas, Shea Butter Lip Balm in Vanilla or Chamomile, Glycerin Soap in a variety of scents, baby products, facial skin care products and gift baskets.


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