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No, It's Not a Tanning Bed
The Body Bakery
By Lisa Link Phillips

The Body Bakery is a fabulous independent company owned by a lovely gal named Lia Schmoldt. The BB manufactures whimsical products with natural, wholesome ingredients and downright intoxicating scents.

Their list of fragrances is staggering, running the gamut from fruit scents like orange frappe to chocolate and other "baked good" scents like crème brulee and cinnamon buns.

I had the pleasure of testing their body cream, icing (which is an aloe-based hair and body shampoo), sugar scrub and butter sticks (a solid moisturizer in stick form).

My mouth was watering as soon as I opened the box. After the good bit of gardening I had done that morning in my "urban retreat," I was in desperate need of an olfactory overhaul, so I headed to the shower to begin my taste, uh, test.

Mixing it Up in the Shower

Since my skin was in desperate need of a good scrub (come spring, my skin flakes like mad in response to the crazy hot-cold-wet-dry shifts in weather). I was looking forward to getting down to the nitty gritty with the Sugar Scrub.

body bakery sugar scrub
However, I also needed to wash off all the dirt and gook from the garden, so I needed some suds, too. This resulted in a little "cooking" of my own. I took a healthy handful of the sugar scrub (I got the Brown Sugar scent, which smells like a heavenly mix of cinnamon rolls and nuts), and mixed it with their Icing (in the cinnamon buns scent) to build a nice, gritty lather. Just the recipe needed to clean and exfoliate my scaly, scruffy bod.

Aside from the unbelievably luscious fragrance this combination produced, I was also quite impressed with the performance of the products. The Body Bakery's Sugar Scrub is really the best one I've used thus far, although it isn't purely a sugar scrub, but a mix of oats, almonds, sugar, and essential oils.

This produces a wonderful formula that has varying levels of grit, so it is very pleasing on a tactile level as well. It isn't too oily either, which is nice in keeping your shower from turning into a veritable grease slick.

It does, however, contain enough sweet almond oil to make your skin very smooth and flake-free. And considering its super price point (8oz for a mere $12.50) this formula wins hands down over the pricey Fresh Sugar Scrub. Simply divine!

Although you can use the Sugar Scrub formula on its own (with excellent results, I'm sure) I think mixing it with the Icing is a wonderful time saver. The Icing is very gentle, thanks to its aloe-based formula. It produces lots of billowy suds, yet doesn't strip or dry skin.

Thank goodness it is also very affordable (8oz for $8.50) because with a list of luscious scents like caramel-banana, white cake, and maple-nut streusel, we'll want a few of these! Since Icing can also be used as hair shampoo, there is also a hair conditioner available in matching scents!

Creamy and Buttery

After cleansing, I used Body Bakery's Body Cream (8oz for $11.25) as an all-over moisturizer. I loved the simple, lightweight formula. It absorbed lickity-split, leaving only softness behind without a greasy, sticky after-feel. I tried a couple of scents: Crème Brulee is to die for, but I wasn't too hot on the Lemon Pound Cake fragrance; it just smelled a little "off" to me.

No matter, though, because there really is a scent to appeal to any dessert-a-holic! I also liked the Butter Stick (1oz for $5), which I sampled in the Key Lime scent. If you are a fan of the pie like I am, you'll be pleased as punch with their take on the scent: creamy and tart, without a hint of "fake" smell to it.

The Butter Stick is a godsend for dry elbows and knees, not to mention that it will turn normally reptilian shins like mine into satin.

Really, this bunch from is worth taking note of. Products with such delicious scents, good formulas, and inexpensive prices are a real find. And I'm a big supporter of independent business, so you get to feel great while indulging!


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