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Fizzy-O Therapy
Lush Canada
By Lisa Link

I tried the Fizzy-O Therapy Bath Bombs and other assorted products from (prices vary; in Canadian Dollars). I had read all sorts of press about this Canadian based company awhile ago, but hadn't gotten around to trying their bath products, yet. Thankfully, the opportunity to do this review came up, so I was more than happy to use the excuse to stock up on their unique offerings.

Lush's website is full of unique items, all touched with a healthy sense of humor. Their products also have more complex, mixed scents than the items at Splash Beauty. I tried a variety of fizzing "Bath Bombs" and "Luxury Bath Melts" including The Big Strawberry (which turns your bath into a creamy, fizzy strawberry soda), Ching Ling Soo (which smells like tangerine, and is reputed to inspire feelings of joy), and the Creamy Candy Bath (mmmmmmm, it smells like a cross between vanilla, caramel, and a touch of fruit).

Lush Bath BombMy favorite, though, was the Fizzy-O Therapy Bath Bomb, which contains warming oils of ginger and mustard powder, along with coriander, clove and cinnamon. As I mentioned in my bio information, I study Tae Kwon Do, which is the Korean iteration of traditional martial arts. So, I tend to get thrown around, punched, kicked, and generally abused more than most people, and I often have the sore muscles to show for it.

A nice, long soak in the Fizzy-O Therapy bath really helped to loosen and warm those tight muscles. Anybody who pushes the envelope physically should consider buying these jolly-good Bath Bombs by the dozen!

Perhaps I should also mention that all prices on the Lush site are in Canadian dollars, which is good news for us here in the USA. On average, the conversion rate is about .83 per 1 Canadian Dollar, so you save about 17% just by paying in US currency.

Don't worry, your bank or credit card company handles the conversion, so all you see are the savings on your statement (if you want to figure out your total savings at the time you place your order, has a nice currency converter in the money section). Just think, an automatic sale every time you order! Considering that the prices are very reasonable to begin with, you get a big double-bonus!


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