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Fizzing, Flowering Bath Pastilles
Bath Bloomers
By Lisa Link

The last solid "bath bomb" product I tried was Fizzing, Flowering Bath Pastilles from Bath Bloomers ($6 each, from

Flowering Bath PastillesWhile I loved the smell (I chose Mint Gymnasia, which is very refreshing, and smells like a cross between spearmint and peppermint), I thought this product was a little expensive compared to the great deals at Splash Beauty and Lush.

The 4oz size is a little small when you consider that 6 oz. products can be had for just a little more than half the price at both of the aforementioned.

However, the Bath Bloomers Pastille fizzed nicely, and smelled lovely. If you're looking for a small item to round out an order, this is a nice choice.

Bath Fizzes

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