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On the Lose
Bath Fizzes
By Lisa Link

I finished up our review of  bath bombs and fizzes with two "loose" bath fizzes. First was Fizzing Botanical Pollens from Bath Bloomers (2oz for $5 at

The directions for use weren't printed on the bottle, but were included in the product description on's web site: 3 teaspoons scattered in the bath would yield fizzing, softly-scented, and moisturizing bath water.

I chose Cedrus Geranium Kyphi, because Geranium's scent is so close to Rose. While I liked the scent, I'm not real hot on "loose" fizzing items because they only fizz for a few minutes, as opposed to a solid ball that takes longer to dissolve. I have to have either fizzing products or bubbles in my bath (LOL)!

However, even though it wasn't terribly exciting, this product did scent my bath, and moisturized my skin nicely. For a two-ounce size (about 3-4 baths) I think $5 is a fair price - these fizzing pollens are inexpensive enough to try on whim.

Last, I tried Bloom's Tub Tonic Fizzing Bath Seltzer ($13 at This loose "Bath Seltzer" is very much like the "Fizzing Pollens" from Bath Bloomers, except that it has a much coarser texture. I immediately liked the chamomile scent I chose - it was somehow rich and fresh at the same time, and really did help me to relax during my soak.

However, I was deflated when I set the full scoop at the bottom of my tub, as instructed by the directions. It barely bubbled at all! So, the next time I bathed with it, I just sprinkled it in the tub. Again, it bubbled a bit, but then quickly dissipated.

While I liked the scent, and the way my skin felt after my bath, the lack of bubbling left me disheartened. If you don't care about bubbles, though, you might want to try this product anyway - the large tin is a real value at $13.

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