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Fizzy Business
Bath Bombs and Fizzes
By Lisa Link

I've always been intrigued with all the "bubbly" bath products on the market. Some come in the form of "Bombs" which are solid balls, while "Fizzes" come in powder form.

These effervescent products contain all sorts of wonderful essential oils and other extracts in a base of Sodium Bicarbonate, which fizzes when it hits good old H2O (as you might remember from 10th grade chemistry class).

Could I turn my rather ordinary tub into a frothing Jacuzzi with these products? Read on to find out!

Bombs Away!
Classic Fizzy Bath Bombs from Splash Beauty
Fizzy-O Therapy from Lush
Fizzing, Flowering Bath Pastilles  from Bath Bloomers

On the Loose
Bath Fizzes from Bath Bloomers and Bloom

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