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Classic Fizzy Bath Bombs
Splash Beauty Products
By Lisa Link

I first tried Classic Fizzy Bath Bombs from Splash Beauty Products ($3.20 for 6oz. and $2.30 for 4oz.). This company has a fun website filled with all sorts of wonderful, natural goodies.

Splash Bath BombsTheir Fizzing Bath Bombs come in two big sizes (4oz. and 6oz.) and are, in my opinion, really quite affordable (in fact, everything on their site seems to be an exceptional value!). I chose 3 scents: rose, vanilla, and lemongrass, from their list of eight stock scents.

First off, while 4 ounces is a good-sized product in its own right, I suggest that you just go with the 6-ouncer. I think it is safe to say that everyone wants the fizzing to last as long as possible, so take the opportunity to go with the larger size.

Unless, of course, you want to get creative and mix scents, in which case you could get a couple of the 4 ounce balls and go to town!

With that said, I can't recommend these bubbly little wonders from Splash Beauty enough! These balls fizzed like crazy, and smelled fabulous. The scents are essential oil-based, so they smell natural and luxurious.

I loved each scent, but was particularly fond of Splash Beauty's Rose scent. While I'm not too keen on overly-flowery scents, rose is a different story altogether. To me, Rose is refreshing and elegant, and while the scent appears simple at first whiff, a rich complexity begins to unfurl the longer you take it in.

The real rose petals were fun, too, but then I had to pick them out of the bottom of the tub! No matter, though - a minor inconvenience after a most wonderful bath :o)


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