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Good Scents
By Debbie Steele

I recently tried out two lines whose clear focus is fragrance.  They also both score very high on the "pretty packaging" scale. If you love highly-fragranced bath and body products, these are worth a look.

By the same token, if fragrance is not really your thing, there's not much reason to consider these lines. You'll find no unscented (or evenly lightly scented) products among their offerings.


Albert Nichols, the founder of elizabethW, named the company in honor of his great-grandmother, Elizabeth Wightman, whose
"spirit of determination and independence went hand in hand with her romantic nature and classic elegance."

The company,  elizabethW creambased in San Francisco, eschews trendy fragrances (no double-chocolate-mousse-with-caramel-sauce scents here). Instead, they focus on such classic fragrances as lavender, rose and vetiver.

I found the scents I sampled to be complex, rich and true. If you’ve ever been turned off by a fragrance that kind of "misses the mark", you will be in for a treat with elizabethW’s creations.

The packaging on everything is so elegant, I found myself thinking “I need to save this for a special occasion.” (Like what, I don’t know.) This makes the products ideal for gifts.

I started off with the Bar Soap in Rose ($9 per bar). As with all their products, this one is thoughtfully packaged: wrapped in plastic first, then in a trademark gorgeous outer box.

It had a very good rose scent and smooth, medium lather. I enjoyed the pleasing rounded-oval shape. This bar lasts FOREVER (because of the triple milling?). Continuing in the floral family, I tried the Body Cream in Tuberose ($22 for 4.2oz).

The luxurious texture of this cream rivals most facial creams I've tried. As with theelizabethW bath pouches other elizabethW products, this one is heavily scented. For me, using this as an all-over body cream would leave me a little overly-fragrant.

Probably my favorite of the products I tried was the Bath Pouch, which I tried in Lavender (in my opinion, you can't go wrong with the classic spicy sweetness of lavender!). Ingenuous: fragrant bath salts sewn into a soft terry pillow.

The salts disperse to create a silky bath; the terry cloth pouch serves as a gently exfoliating scented washcloth. These sell for $9.00 each.

Besides perfumes and bath and body products, also offers a range of fabulous home fragrance products, including sachets, drawer liners, candles and room sprays.


"Zen" plus "Scents"...cute. Zents describes itself as
"a young, hip perfume house that believes in old style perfumery...[with a] vision to bridge the worlds of designer  scents and aromatherapy."

The scents all have simple, Zen-like names: for instance, "Water" is a blend of spearmint, coriander, linden blossom and citrus.

"Spirit" contains sandalwood, myrrh and frankincense (they do offer scent samples for a small fee).Zents bath salts

My personal favorite:  "Sun", a powdery soft blend of sweet orange, grapefruit, vanilla and sandalwood.

Zents also has a creative approach to packaging: their solid perfumes and bath salts are available in solid stone cubes (not exactly portable, but great on a vanity).

The bath and body products in this line (lotion, soap and bath salts) feel almost like an afterthought.

Still, if you fall in love with one of their fragrances, it's nice to know you can find it in a range of products. I tried their medium-weight Body Lotion ($23 for 6oz), which is smooth, creamy and (not surprisingly) heavily fragranced. Available at

So, if you're a fragrance aficionado, or searching for a gift for someone who is, these lines are definitely worth a look.

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