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My Kids and the Poufs
Splash Pals by Earth Therapeutics
By Daryn Guarino

We received several Splash Pals kiddie poufs from Earth Therapeutics, that we used to test all the other products. Poufs are poufs, you might find yourself saying. But no, says I.

These poufs were cool enough to have encounters with our Power Ranger bath toys, which means they are more than mere poufs. The main complaint with the pouf (aside from the name, grumble grumble) is the lack of a soft spot for dabbing at small faces.

Children do not enjoy having abrasive plastic webbing scrubbed across their face, as it turns out. The game called "Run! Daddy's givin' baths!" was invented because of those early baby-face-meets-plastic-steelwool encounters.

splash pals poufsThe Splash Pals poufs have a small cloth animal imbedded in the center giving you just the right material for digging out eye-sand and nose-crusties.

The cuddly sheep had pouf instead of fuzzy wool, the brown bear had pouf instead of a furry body, the orca had pouf instead of...uh, well... Hey, listen, orcas belong in the bath, even if they have a poufy body, end of discussion.

My kids played with the animals, which helped scrub their nasty little hands and nails for me. I was able to lightly scrub their tender skin with the seemed-softer-than-normal pouf, easily removing sticky and gritty spots alike. I was able to gently wash their faces with the soft washcloth animal.

The center animal also absorbed and held soap and gels, so the pouf stayed lathered under the splashy onslaught that is washing a baby. The gently pointed animal face made a nice tool for cleaning the baby's cruddy neck crevice (black, sticky rolls of jelly, juice, and crackers) which is too delicate to repeatedly scrub with a pouf, even a soft pouf. Instead of fighting me, he really enjoyed having the orca and bear "attack" his neck.

My older son sat Anakin or Luke Skywalker (I can't tell anymore) astride the orca and repeated attacked the Death Star Baby (my one year old.) Each soapy strafe left a line of suds across the baby, so he was washing the baby for me...sort of. It was so cute that I called to my wife. I told her to take a peek at a Daddy in full control of bath time.

As she leaned into the bathroom, Connor must have scored the final hit that took out the Death Star in Star Wars (a ship, the size of a planet, explodes, explained for you non-Star Wars geeks out there) and a huge wave of water erupted from the tub. The room was showered with bath toys and gallons of water with a baby mixed in somewhere, and my oldest child was spluttering and crying because water went up his nose.

My wife pulled the bathroom door shut and locked it from the outside. When the bathroom was clean and dry enough, Darth Mommy finally released us. Nice poufs though and cute enough to be gifts. Find them at

That winds up this Bathtime Suds Report of bath and body products for kids.

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