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Smell Like Pink Ranger!
Pink Clover
By Daryn Guarino

Pink Clover is a new, small company making all-natural health and beauty products for children. Pink Clover Bodywash and Shampoo for Children ($11 for 8.5 ounces) gave off powerfully scented creamsicle clouds. Fantastic!

My son said it made him smell goodÖlike a little girl (the girl on the label, who, I will assume, probably does smell good). I donít know how I feel about him asking to use the stuff that makes him smell like a little girl though, so I told him the girl was a Power Ranger.

Now he just asks to smell like a Power Ranger and thatís fine. The orange and vanilla scent is unisexual pink clover soap and the gel lathers well. It left the children nicely hydrated and lightly scented.

The Lotion for Children ($11 for 8.5 ounces) also possessed the orange baby aspirin aroma and kept my baby and my boy moist and happy. The Natural Soap (3 ounces for $4.50) was the best. It almost melted in my hand as it produced a rich moisturizing lather.

Saponified coconut oil (saponified means to convert an oil to a soap, so itís almost an oxymoron to call it saponified when referring to a soap), soybean oil and avocado oil left my boys super-hydrated and just glowing with moisture.

Itís the best bar soap Iíve used on my kids by far. Itís almost too nice to ďwasteĒ on the kids. Great products all around, but give the Natural Soap to a dry-skinned friend as a special treat.


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