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Army of Friends
Circle of Friends
By Daryn Guarino

I received a huge selection of Circle of Friends products. Each bottle (13oz for $8.50 and no animal testing), had a cutesy theme name and cutesy matching cartoon child and my son absolutely loved them.

He gave them names, they played games, and they had a few brutal hand-to-hand encounters with the Power Rangers. The Outback Fun Hand Soap lathered and cleansed quite well. It didnít dry my boys out at all, which was nice, and it provided a quick anti-bacterial sanitizing, which was probably needed (one day I followed an ant trail across my backyardÖand it led to my four year old!).

Buenas Noches Bubble Bath
made good suds that lasted just long enough. buenas noches bubble bathIt also gave me a teachable moment where I taught my son some Spanish (burrito, taco, enchiladaÖand Mexican pizza, which isnít Spanish, but is really good).

The Oom Pah Pah Shampoo worked well, but no better or worse than other kid shampoos. Halakahiki Lotion moisturized well and didnít leave my boys overly greasy, which is important if you must chase and capture your children to ensure a uniform bedtime.

I used the Aurora Borealis Shaping Gel to give my son Tarzan hair, which stands wild in every direction and requires you to shriek like a howler monkey, Dragon Ball Z hair, which is like the Tarzan, but is only wild on one side of your head, and Jimmy Neutron hair, which makes the top of your head look like a cone of Dairy Queen soft serve. Other than having fun, I have absolutely no reason to use shaping gel on a childís hair. It worked reasonably well on my own flowing locks, but Iíve got other stuff that I like much better for me.

The No Tearski Shampoo worked as well, but cost twice as much, as the other No More Tearski shampoos. The Little Adventures Waterless Hand Sanitizer didnít do much beyond adding another scent to my childrenís sticky hands. My children do manage to get the playground equivalent of barnacles on them, so maybe I was asking for too much. The federal government once declared our sandbox a superfund site.

The Dragon Dance Conditioner left my four-year-oldís hair manageable and shiny. It left the wispy hair on my one year old very soft and smelling very nice. I like the Circle of Friends products. They have a great line, lots of choices, and I felt the quality was well worth the price. One big and two little thumbs up!  Find the complete product line at


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