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Kiss Kids from Kiss My Face
By Daryn Guarino

The Kiss Kids line (from Kiss My Face) has some of the best smelling products Iíve ever encountered. Their Grape Jelli scent is a perfect Grape Nehi, absolutely perfect. I managed to trick my wife into scrubbing the boys for a second "while I checked on something" (hee hee hee). I was drawn back to the bathroom when the smell of purple hit me.

The Bubble Wash Body Wash and Bubble Bath ($5.95 for 12 ounces) produced clouds of GrapeKiss Kids Grape Bubble Bath Nehi scented bubbles that smelled good enough to eat. (NOTE: They taste nothing like grape anything, they taste like gentle soap, which, while gentle, is still not a good taste. I am a complete and total idiot, but a professional idiot, so donít try this at home).

Next up was the Moisture Soap (a nine ounce pump bottle for $3.95). Another Grape Nehi scented blast, very purple, and smelled very tasty (but tasted worse than the other (see above disclaimer). It was fine for my four year old, but dried out the baby. My older son now uses it sink side because he likes using machines (in this case, the pump dispenser).

The Grapefruit Hold Up! Styling Gel ($4.95 for six ounces) smelled like Fresca, very grapefruity, and worked well for giving my son what he called Spider-Man hair, slicked back hard and heavy. I see no reason to put styling gel on a child that doesnít brush his hair by himself yet. When my son complains about me brushing his hair, I remind him that shaving it off is the next option. It did a decent job of controlling Daddyís much longer hair and would probably work best on shoulder length hair or less.

Fruity and fun, Kiss Kids gets three waggling tongues up! Find Kiss Kids products at


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