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Apis Mellifera and Burt
Baby Bee by Burt's Bees
By Daryn Guarino

I have to admit that the first thing I noticed about Burt’s Bees products was the non-recyclable, throw away plastic pouch that it came in. Burt’s Bees makes lots of recycling claims and here was this non-recyclable plastic thing right in my face.

Happily, my first impression was incorrect as almost all the rest of their packaging is recyclable and earth-friendly. Most of their Baby Bee products were aimed at my one year old, so that’s who did the majority of the testing…against his will, Baby Bee Buttermilk SoapI might add. He loves water, but has a real problem with being clean.

The Baby Bee Buttermilk Soap (3.5oz for $5.00) was nice and did not dry his soft baby skin. The price isn’t too bad, but the soap was really nothing special.

The Baby Bee Buttermilk Bath (9oz. for $16) was immediately stolen by my wife and she reported that the luxurious bath it created went well with a flute of champagne and left her feeling smooth, soft, and grateful. NOTE FOR THE GUYS: Fellas, I watched the kids for about thirty minutes and spent less than $20 and I scored a GIANT HEAP of Good Daddy points. Highly recommended!

Baby Bee Dusting PowderThe Baby Bee Dusting Powder (4.5 ounces for $6) turned my boy into a fragrant powdered doughnut. It kept his little baby creases and folds nice and dry…for a few minutes anyway. I swear he can spill eleven ounces of juice out of a three-ounce cup.

The Baby Bee Buttermilk Lotion (7oz. for $9) did not have a smell that appealed to me at all, just waxy and old, but worked well enough for the price. It’s just not for me.

The Baby Bee Skin Crème (2oz. for a whopping $11) was not very impressive at all. It left a waxy film, smelled like every lanolin-based crème, and worked about as well as any three-dollar lotion. Too expensive and the waxiness left behind is really annoying for a long time.

The Baby Bee Diaper Ointment (2oz. for $7.50) smelled a bit like medicine, but helped clear Baby Bee Apricot Baby Oilup a mild diaper rash a bit more quickly than usual. Not bad.

The Baby Bee Apricot Baby Oil (4oz. for $8) had a fantastic smell, very light and so apricot-ty(ish) that it almost smelled fuzzy. It makes a really nice massage oil for that caring husband who let you escape for a while to take a buttermilk bath.

It contained no mineral oil, which is nice since I am allergic to mineral oil (which I discovered at my first competition as an amateur bodybuilder. It was like rubbing poison ivy on myself and really letting it soak in).

I think the price of some of these items well exceed their worth, but the others are pretty decent. My experience with the Apricot Baby Oil may have added some sunshine to my opinion of it, but it was my favorite of the bunch and I will buy more.

I think the best value is the Baby Bee Kit ($10 for a random sampling of seven or so of the above items), which would make a nice gift, and the Apricot Baby Oil, of course, which would make a nice gift for me (send it to me via email).

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