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Do Eucalyptus?
By Jill Sterling

I love the fresh smell of eucalyptus and was excited to try some products that might emulate this wonderful smell on my skin.

Two Nice Gels

Kiss My Face Natural Shower Gel & Foaming Bath, Active Athletic
, with eucalyptus, arnica, balm mint, chamomile, fennel, ivy and an abundance of other herbs, promises to provide a number of therapeutic remedies, including ingredients for swelling, body aches, bruises, and varicose veins!

I enjoyed this product because I could smell the eucalyptus but it wasn't overbearing. The gel smelled like eucalyptus and lots of other herbs and actually kind of soapy- making it more herbal than just straight eucalyptus.

This product was very nice, lathered well, was aromatic (there are obviously a lot of ingredients in there!). My skin smelled fresh after drying off. This one is definitely suitable for men and women. At $9.00 for 16 ounces, it's a bargain for a great product! Find it at

Eucalyptus Shower Gel from Splash Beauty Products
is a nice product that performed well and smelled yummy and fresh. It really provided me with a nice smell in the shower and on my skin after I dried off.

Using seaweed extract as a thickening and gelling agent and essential eucalyptus oil, this gel smells great but doesn't work up much of a lather. The gel isn't clear; it's cloudy - which I think can be attributed to the seaweed extract.

I like the idea that this product is made with no harsh detergents. I must say that my skin felt noticeably softer after I dried off. This gel is suitable for men or women.

At $10 for 8 ounces, it's a little on the high end, but I think you'll enjoy the smell and the feel of your skin after using it.

Good Thymes

The Thymes Limited Eucalyptus Body Wash
was fabulous. The smell was subtle,
almost powdery, and right on target with what I associate with the smell of eucalyptus. It lathered well and felt good on my skin. With aloe, jojoba oil and honey, this is a wonderful body wash.

As the site describes, this product is uplifting and refreshing, although probably too feminine for men. $12.00 for 11.5 ounces is well worth the money. I also tried The Thymes Limited Eucalyptus Body Lotion, which can be summed up in one word: DELICIOUS! It goes famously with The Thymes Limited Eucalyptus Body Wash.

If you like the smell of eucalyptus, you will love this product. The smell is divine and the lotion's consistency left my skin feeling exceptionally smooth - must be the aloe, jojoba oil and honey. It is immediately absorbed into the skin, feels powdery and smells fabulous.

An 8.75 ounce tube for $16.00 is well worth the money. Although it is probably too feminine for men, my husband, who isn't exactly the flowery type, liked the smell of this lotion on my skin. I loved this product!

The Most Intense Bath Gel

products promise to provide a balancing, relaxing, comforting, refreshing and uplifting experience. The line is a unique collection of bath and body products based on the ancient art of aromatherapy, herbs, color and essential oils. For some great information on aromatherapy, and to purchase their products, check out

I tried two of Aromafloria's products that promised to provide similar treatments for the body. Aromafloria Muscle Soak Body Wash with eucalyptus, peppermint and lemongrass was the most intense bath gel I have ever used. The product promises to work naturally to relieve sore, tired muscles- just be sure you have some before you use this product! It was so tingly on my skin I couldn't believe it!

It's described as "a healing blend of essential oils with inhalation benefits for the bath, fights exhaustion and depression, soothes sore muscles, and eases congestion from respiratory and sinus infections.

Includes eucalyptus for a fresh cool feeling, peppermint to ease muscle fatigue, and lemongrass as a tonic for tired muscles." This stuff was like Ben Gay: it immediately went to work on my skin and cooled my body, which was an unusual feeling with hot water running out of my shower head. Obviously not to be used on private areas.

It lathered well, but did not soften my skin or leave much of a lingering smell after drying off. Within five minutes of exiting the shower, the effects of the wash began to wear off and I felt better. I actually had worked out the day I tried it, so I was in need of some relief.

As the tube indicates, use this body wash when you need it to help relieve aches and pains, soothe muscle fatigue and invigorate tired muscles - and ONLY THEN! I tried using it on a pulled muscle in my thigh and I actually felt some relief. The product does work; I just suggest you use it in targeted areas where you really have muscles that are sore.

I had my husband try it on his knee, which continuously acts up after he exercises. He did not find the product to be as stinging as I did. He said it felt minty and that he felt a slight tingle. $12.50 for 6.7 ounces isn't bad, considering that you won't be using it every day. It's suitable for men or women.

Aromafloria Muscle Soak Inhalation Bar
, on the other hand, with eucalyptus, peppermint and lemongrass was much more tame than the Aromafloria Muscle soak Body Wash. The bar promises to relax and soothe tense, sore muscles.

The company recommends it for face and body; I used it on my body with the help of my LeClaire & Bayot Sisal Massage Mitten. Together they made a great combination. This soap felt and smelled very much like a nice cleansing soap, with an ever-so-slight hint of eucalyptus.

For $4.00 for a 4-ounce bar, it's well worth the money if you're looking for a bar soap that's not very aromatic, but cleanses and soothes. My skin felt soft after using this soap, which lathered great. It's suitable for men or women.


I also tried Ombra's Eucalyptus Aromatic Body Wash. I would describe the smell as medicinal (like Lysterine), and a little goes a long way in the fragrance department; it's entirely too strong.

The gel is bright green and clear. The bottle promises an "exceptional aromatic experience", although I must say that my experience was quite differen.

This product smells very strong; it can clean out the sinuses and smells very little like eucalyptus. It does lather well, which is a plus. It's labeled as a hair and body wash; I wasn't too excited about trying it on my head so I can't tell you how it would work as a shampoo. It's suitable for men and women, but probably more for men. 10 ounces sells for a mere $5.65.

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