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Yummy Yucca
Cowgirl Skincare

By Debbie Steele

The first products from Cowgirl Skincare that I sampled are actually the most recent additions to their line: a Body Wash, Body Lotion and Soak & Scrub. To me, the wonderful thing about these three products is their fragrance: they smell like the West!

The unique fragrance comes from a combination of desert botanicals including extracts of sage, juniper, lavender, yucca and cactus. I imagine the fresh, not-too-sweet fragrance would appeal to guys too.

First, the Soak & Scrub ($12): these fragrant bath salts can be used as either an aromatic soak or an exfoliating body scrub. I chose to soak. The salts made the bath water soft and fragrant; no bubbles or fizzing.

I followed with the Body Wash ($12.75) which was low-lathering with a rich, silky feel. Last, I coated myself with the Body Lotion ($12.75), which was light-to-medium weight.

All three of these products had that same incredible fragrance, which, thanks to the lotion, lingered on my skin for hours.


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