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Signature Cream
Cowgirl Skincare

By Debbie Steele

Cowgirl Cream, the company's first creation, is not at all a typical "cream." Instead, it is an "herbal elixir" comprised of herbal extracts, aloe, and various oils in a water-Cowgirl Creamalcohol base. That last part made me a little skeptical.

Water and alcohol as a moisturizer? As instructed, I shook the small glass bottle thoroughly before using. The smell of this cream is not for the faint of heart. The last ingredient listed is black spruce oil, and that scent comes through clearly.

Here's how I tried it first; I put a generous amount on my hands before bed, put on cotton gloves designed for that purpose, and let the cream sink in overnight.

My hands were noticeably softer the next morning. Emboldened by this experience, I next tried using it as an all-over moisturizer following my shower. To my pleasant surprise, it absorbed quickly, leaving my skin glistening and soft, but not oily (take note: this cream is marketed for facial use; at 2 oz. for $28 it could get a little pricey as a body cream).

If you're in the mood for a totally different approach to cream, give this one a try. As with the other Cowgirl Skincare products I tried, this one is probably equally suitable for men or women.


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