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Massage in a Bottle:
Massage lotions as moisturizers

By Debbie Steele

My skin tends to get terribly dry, especially in the winter. In fact, at one point the skin on my legs became so dry that it broke out in an itchy rash and landed me in the dermatologistís office.

She gave me some good suggestions for improving this problem: Cut back on the long, hot showers (boo), and slather on moisturizer immediately after showering,  while my skin is still damp.

I have for the most part cut back to one shower a day, and have become a very diligent moisturizer. Cetaphil cream (in the green tub) has worked fairly well for me, but, frankly, itís a little boring. So, Iím always on the lookout for more interesting alternatives. Because I donít want to see 'Return of the Itchy Rash', however, any such alternative must be an effective moisturizer, and not just some sweet-smelling watery film.

On those occasions when I treat myself to a massage (one of my favorite indulgences), I always notice how moisturized my skin feels afterward. Recently, I commented on this to my massage therapist. She told me that she uses Biotone massage lotion, and mentioned that she uses it herself as an after-shower moisturizer. I decided to give it a try.

Biotone has a very nice, user-friendly web site: I visited the site and ordered three products (reviewed below) that arrived promptly in a box labeled Professional Massage Products:

Fresh Herbal Scent
Herbal Select Body Therapy Crème

The Best Seller
Dual Purpose Massage Crème

Thin and Light
Deep Tissue Massage Lotion

Quantity Discounts

One of the most noteworthy things about this line of products is the great price you can get if you buy the lotions in larger quantities (like a gallon.) For example, the Dual Purpose Massage CrŤme 2 ounce size sells for $3.80, or $1.90 per ounce. The largest size, 128 ounces (one gallon), sells for $58.55, or $0.45 per ounce! (there are several sizes in between these extremes). Similar discounts are available on the other lotions.

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