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The Best Seller
Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Crème
By Debbie Steele

Next, I tried Biotone’s best-selling product; the Dual Purpose Massage Crème (14 ounces for $12.60). This is the one my massage therapist uses. Biotone touts this product as combining “the desired features of an oil and lotion in one, with an effortless glide and a luxurious consistency.”

The consistency of this lotion is somewhat unique: It strongly resembles Crisco shortening (do people still use this?), or perhaps a very thick canned cake frosting.

At first I found this a little strange. As I smoothed it on my skin, it did not immediately sink in.

After using it a few times, though, this has become my favorite of the three lotions I tried. It seems to work especially well when applied to damp skin after showering.

As with the other two lotions, the scent is very subtle. It contains Arnica plant extract and ivy, and has a very pleasant botanical smell.

It is not greasy, and leaves my skin feeling great.


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