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Melissa's 3 (okay, 4) Favorite Bath and Body Products
By Melissa Miller

Chelmsford Herbal Soap Company
Butter Cream Body Wash is absolutely the most moisturizing and gentle cleanser out there. Itís all natural and loaded with skin-loving ingredients including shea, mango, cocoa and kukui nut oil butters and olive oil. The body wash doesnít contain SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) or other harsh detergents, which makes it perfect for my super sensitive skin.

After using it, I emerge from the shower soft and silky without a hint of dryness or irritation. Itís available in Shea Butter with Vanilla Sugar, Mango Butter with Grapefruit, Kukui Nut with Milk Chocolate and Cocoa Butter with Coconut Suntan.

All the scents are divine; I favor the refreshing Mango Butter with Grapefruit, made with five imported grapefruit essential oils. Butter Cream Body Wash is $11.50 for 8oz available at Chelmsford Herbal Soap Company.

My other favorite all natural body wash is Cheriís Country Cottage Silky Shower Gel. The texture really isnít a gel, itís creamy and moisturizing, with jojoba, avocado and olive oils and seaweed extract (minus SLS and other detergents).

This is my morning shower staple, scented in Tangelo, an invigorating blend of pink grapefruit and tangerine. Cheri offers a wonderful array of fragrance and essential oils for custom scenting. Silky Shower Gel is $9.84 for 4 oz. and $18.99 for 8 oz., and is available at

Cottage Shoppe Body Butter
is my Holy Grail body cream. Itís super moisturizing with a luxurious non-greasy texture that absorbs immediately. This butter has banished my dry skin and eczema with its all natural blend of 30% shea butter and almond oil.

Scent favorites include Grapefruit and Vanilla, Summer Musk, Mandarin and Vanilla, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, and Mon Cherie (an exact knockoff of Annick Goutal Petite Cherie). Itís quite the deal at $4.95 for 4oz, and is available at

Aubrey Organics Eucalyptus Spa Bath is heaven in a bottle. The soak is natural and gentle with an enveloping eucalyptus aroma that brings me back to life. Itís helpful for combating colds, sinus headaches, achy muscles and overall fatigue.

It also doesnít leave the bathtub a mess Ė a plus at the end of a long day. The Eucalyptus Bath Soak is $7.75 for 8oz, and available at health food stores everywhere as well as through the

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