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Debbie's 3 Favorite Bath and Body Products
By Debbie Steele

ShiKai Shower Gel in Lavender Mint
is a recent discovery that quickly made my list of favorites. The unusual combination of energizing mint and calming lavender makes your senses come alive!

The gel has a high aloe vera content, making it luxuriantly rich and moisturizing.  Perhaps best of all, it is incredibly reasonably priced at just $6.49 for a 12-ounce bottle. Order online at

My other shower favorite is Good Home Co.'s Sugar Rush Body Scrub. Unlike other sugar body polishes, this scrub contains soap, so it can serve as a one-step bath treatment. It is packaged in a convenient plastic bottle, and has a sharp, tangy smell, probably from its lime and grapefruit oils.

In the shower, it feels incredibly soft, gooey and rich, and makes a respectable lather. My skin feels nicely moisturized after using it. Perhaps my favorite part; after showering with this scrub, I notice a lingering sweet smell on my skin for quite awhile. This scrub sells for about $16 for 8oz.

I know that fragrance is a very personal issue, and so others might disagree, but to me, nothing smells quite as good as Cowgirl's Body Lotion from Cowgirl Enterprises. The Cowgirl line, based in Colorado, is an inventive, fun group of skincare products featuring creative packaging and an abundance of desert botanicals.

The blend of sage, jojoba, juniper, lavender, yucca and cactus in the body lotion gives it a fabulous, fresh, slightly sweet smell that I absolutely love. This lotion is available for $12.75 for 8oz. from

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