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Dry Skin Care: Bye-Bye Dry!
Dry Skin Care Tips
By Debbie Steele

Battling dry skin is a constant challenge for me, especially in the colder months. At its worst, it can leave me itching and miserable. I have therefore attempted to educate myself about the most effective ways to keep my skin moisturized and comfortable.

I’ll start off with a list of general skin care tips for fighting acute and chronic dry skin. Like all lists of things you should do, some items are easier than others to adopt.

So, here goes:

• Cut back on bath and shower time (some dermatologists suggest 3 minutes!).
• Take cooler showers or baths.
• Use mild cleansers ("squeaky clean" is too drying).
• Exfoliate ashy, flaky skin as needed, but don’t overdo the scrubbing.
• Pat yourself dry gently with a towel, rather than rubbing.
• Apply moisturizer immediately after bathing, to seal in remaining moisture.
• Pay special attention to lower legs, which tend to be dryer because they’re farther from your heart.
• Don’t scratch dry, itchy spots; apply more moisturizer instead.
• Use a humidifier, especially in the bedroom.

Now, here are some dry skin care suggestions for daily cleansing and moisturizing.

Step 1:
Cleanse Your Skin without Drying

Read those Labels!

Step 2:
Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Seal it in!

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