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African Shea Butter Company
By Tonie Minsal

You gotta love shea butter ~ rich, thick, creamy, & ultra moisturizing. If you’re a fan of the shea butter, check out the Shea Terra range by the African Shea Butter Company.

They do so many varieties and variations of shea butter that you’ll be dizzy trying to choose.

These butters are totally concentrated ~ a teaspoon-full will totally moisturize your whole bod. Keep a jar on your desk ~ they’re grand for hands.

The Cape Chamomile & Lavender is delightful ~ herbaceous, clean smelling, & uplifting. This is a nice, thick, fairly stiff butter. A great baby butter.

If you’re looking for a sweet, resiny scent, try the Frankincense & Myrrh. Keep one on your bedside stand for hands & feet ~ the scent will lull you to sleep.

Madagascar Vanilla is a scent that’s sure to please just about anybody. Fragranced with real vanilla bean. Smells like cookie dough. This butter is softer, creamier and more spreadable. Nice as a lip balm.

Perhaps you’re a purist ~ or maybe you like to add your own essential oils. In that case, Really Raw shea is for you. This is a West African variety, thick, creamy, and non-greasy.

Kalahri Melon ~ amazing. This one features the addition of Kalahari melon seed oil, which makes for an exceptionally silky butter that is easily absorbed, super moisturizing, and very healing. Really smooth & melty. Highly recommended.

The Rainforest Wild Fruit Shea Butter benefits from the addition of mango butter; this makes for a rich, nourishing butter. Great lip balm.

If you love coconut oil, but find it to be too drying for your skin, do check out Shea Terra’s Virgin Coconut Cream. This oil is unbelievable.

Pressed from fresh coconut meat, as opposed to dried, it has a toasty fragrance that is just divine. As far as moisturizing goes, it’s tops.

Great for massage, hair, pregnant bellies, apres bain ~ you name it. A must have ~ highly recommended.

This range has been a consummate pleasure to review ~ be sure to check out all of the other fab products they carry. From shower gels to assorted exotic oils, rest assured that whichever products you choose from African Shea Butter Company, you’ll be a happy, buttery camper!
(877) 427-6627

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