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A Unique Collaboration
Black Pearl Botanicals
By Gigi Brewer

From Placitas, New Mexico come Black Pearl Botanicals. The creators explain the name this way:
"Spawned in the azure lagoons of atolls in the South Pacific, black pearls are the magnificent result of a unique collaboration between humans and mother nature; so too are our products.

I started with their Indulgence Bath Oil ($10 for a 1-ounce bottle,) which certainly lived up to its name. A few drops in my bath water was all it took to fill the room with the delicious scent of macadamia nuts, apricot, geranium-rose, sandalwood, orange flower, lavender, and rosewood.

Unlike Black Pearl Botanicals logomany bath oils which promise much but deliver little, Black Pearl's Indulgence Bath Oil at the end of a long day is sure to soothe and delight. My only caution is to use it sparingly - too much will leave a residue in your tub.

Anyone who has lived near the ocean knows that long walks on sandy shores will smooth rough spots on your feet. Black Pearl's Rejuvenation Body Scrub ($11.75 for 8oz) serves the same purpose. Extra fine sea salt, citrus peel and clay powders control the rough, dry spots that tend to appear on hands, knees, feet and elbows when the drying winds of winter begin to blow.

It will also soothe those rough spots with Vitamin E, macadamia nut and apricot oils.  Its rejuvenating scent comes from a delightful mixture of essential oils of pink grapefruit, lime, juniper berry, cypress, linaloe berry, rosewood, rosemary, geranium-rose, nutmeg and cardamom.

Finish your Black Pearl experience with their Rejuvenation Massage and Body Oil ($6.75 for a 1oz bottle). Have your significant other warm a teaspoon of this fragrant oil between his or her hands and enjoy!

While you're at the, be sure to check their "Sale" section for current specials. They also offer modestly priced trial sizes of some products.

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