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The Body Deli
By Tonie Minsal

I tried a few products from Palm Desert, Californiaís The Body Deli, & Iím here to report that the consensus is good!

The name says it all: Blueberry Fusion Facial Polish is a serious polisher ~ it almost leaves your skin looking & feeling sanded. This may be attributed to the diatomaceous earth it contains.

Youíll be feeling your inner Violet Beauregard as you slather this purple gel-like mix on your skin. Smells edible, with organic aloe vera juice & blueberries, as well as pomegranate & kiwi. Use this scrub when you feel like your skin needs a real fresh start. Use a serious moisturizer afterward.

The Radiance Enzyme Peel is a pleasant product to use, very soothing with manuka honey & greens. Iím a total fan of using honey as a cleanser & mask, so this was a no-brainer for me.

After reading the label, I had high expectations for this product, which were, alas, not realized, but all in all, itís still a great product. Leaves skin soft and hydrated.

The Botanical Butter Scrub in Spanish Fly is a delight. Really thick & salty, with shea, mango, & cocoa butters, it moisturizes well & leaves skin smelling fab. Essential oils of frankincense, myrhh, patchouli, & sandalwood lend a scrumptious fragrance. Curious ~ even with all of the rich butters & oils this scrub contains, itís surprisingly light & non-greasy.

The Body Deli ~ doing their part to help parched skins thrive in the desert ~ check out what they have in store for you.
(760) 340-3731

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