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Spa Party in a Box
Jaqua Girls Top to Toe Spa Party Kit
By Jill Sterling

This fabulous kit is a great excuse to take a break from the world and enjoy some pampering with your closest friends. On a recent trip home to hook up with my two oldest and dearest friends for the weekend, we took the night off from going out and stayed in to pamper ourselves by trying out the Jaqua Girls Spa Party Kit.

This product line, created by the three Jaqua sisters, was founded on the commitment to encourage women to take the time to rejuvenate their bodies and souls. Other gift sets include Jeannine's Bakery Gathering Kit, Fleur Magique Bath Kit, French Bulldog Cafe Wake-Up Kit, Ivy Cottage Inn Bath and Beauty Retreat, Our Favorite Shower Syrups and Our Favorite Body Butters.

The Spa Party Kit came packaged in a large metal tin (it looks like a paint can) and contains all the fixin's for a fun night with six of your bestest girlfriends.

We had three in our group so we had product left over. Don't let the six person requirement deter you from experiencing a break with the fun products in this kit!

Is that Pumpkin on Your Face?

Let me preface this review by stressing that you must assemble a group with whom you have no inhibitions or concern for your outward image. When it's all said and done, you will have scrubbed each other's feet and seen each other with a scary mask of pumpkin papaya! ‘Nuff said?

The kit contains invitations (which we didn't use but they're cute,) instructions and tips on planning your spa night, along with all the products you'll need for theSpa Party Kit evening: honey almond hand mask, citrus foot salts, pumpkin papaya face mask, mango jojoba face moisturizer, candles, geranium aromatherapy spa spray (all 2 ounce containers,) a pumice stone and a body scrubber.

The instructions contain great ideas for setting up the different stations for your face, feet and hands and for setting the atmosphere to put you in the right frame of mind to RELAX AND ENJOY.

Where the Boys Aren't

We sought out a suitable CD (we suggest a soothing piano soloist like George Winston,) lit the adorable squatty white candles, turned down the lights and sprayed the delicious geranium aromatherapy spa spray.

This really got us in the "who cares where the boys are – it's girls' night in!" kind of a mood. The spray smells clean, fresh and floral, like it had just rained.

The candles helped relax us and the spray smelled so fresh and spa-like, we couldn't wait to dig into the next step. We were intrigued – this could be a real adventure!

We decided to do our feet first. Since we couldn't find a large pot suitable for our feet, we decided to put the citrus foot salts in the bathtub and line up on the edge of the tub together. It worked!

Obviously if you had the full six participants, you'd have to seek out a bowl or pot and change the water/foot salt mixture each time. We didn't care about doing it together and it seemed more efficient.

A Friend Indeed

My friends had - in their enthusiasm to be beautiful - already put on the honey almond hand mask just as the tub was being prepared with the citrus foot salts. So, guess who got the job of scrubbing their feet and legs with the pumice stone and body scrubber? Well, I'll put it this way – somebody's arms got a workout!

The pumice stone was small with a white rope and I used this to rub the bottoms of my and my friends' feet.

The body scrubber was a tan, straw-like washcloth with brush-like bristles. The scrubber was also equipped with a nifty sleeve for easier handling. We used the body scrubber on our feet and calves "to stimulate circulation and help remove toxins."

The body scrubber was a great tool and the results were fabulous. Our feet and legs felt very soft after we dried off. After we drained the tub, the citrus foot salts left pulp in the bottom of the tub! This product was very natural and worked great!


After we removed ourselves from the tub, my friends rinsed off the honey almond hand mask (I couldn't use this product due to my allergy to nuts and nut extracts).
My friends reported that their hands were very soft. The hand mask smells wonderful – very earthy with hints of almond and honey.

Next we moved on to the pumpkin papaya face mask. As we applied the product, it stung slightly at first – the way most face masks do - and then began to dry. The smell was wonderful – it smelled like delicious pumpkin pie.

After the mask dried, we rinsed with cool water and dried our faces. Our faces felt very soft and clean. The final step in our spa night was the application of the mango jojoba face moisturizer. The moisturizer smelled very fresh and we all agreed it was a wonderful product.

Note to readers: one of my girlfriends has very sensitive skin and cautions others with sensitive skin to be careful using these and other products unfamiliar to their skin care regimen. She did use all of the products in the spa party kit with minimal reactions.

Overall, we loved this kit – it reminded us of the fall season – the smells were very reminiscent of a fall day (pumpkin and citrus scents in particular).

If you're feeling down and need a pick-me-up, get some of your girlfriends together, take the night off and use one of Jaqua Girls' spa treatments. We enjoyed our spa night so very much!

One of my girlfriends was so impressed with the product that she is going to purchase one for her assistant at work for her upcoming bridal shower. We all agreed this was well worth the price (about $37.00) at

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