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Speziali Fiorentini
By Jill Sterling

The Speziali Fiorentini line, hailing from Florence, Italy, is made with botanical extracts from rare flowers and other plants. The packaging is gorgeous; they won the International Packaging Award in Paris for their original designs.

I tried their Green Tea Ultra Rich Body Cream, which comes in a heavy plastic tube with a wonderfully Italian look. This cream contains extracts of green tea and ginseng, and touts thespeziali fiorentini benefits of green tea – promising energizing, tonifying, revitalizing and refreshing properties. This cream smelled wonderful, very full, fresh and slightly masculine.

After returning from vacation in Arizona where I got a real sunburn, I used this cream and the effect was soothing and therapeutic. It was non-greasy and smelled warm and deliciously fragrant - like herbs and cream.

It moisturized very well and you don’t need to use a ton of product to get soft. Deliciouso! It moisturized deeply, refreshed the skin and smelled amazing.

I also tried Speziali Fiorentini Green Tea Bath and Shower Gel (also with extracts of green tea and ginseng). I cannot say enough about this line. My absolute fave! What a joy to use.

The gel is a creamy white with the same wonderful smell as the body cream. I felt like I was in Italy in a villa - the smell was so wonderfully intoxicating. The body cream and gel can be found at ($19 for 5oz for the body cream and $16 for 10oz for the shower gel – well worth it!)


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