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Baudelaire Soaps
By Melissa Miller

Named after Baudelaire, a French poet of the 19th century best known for his collection of poems called Fleurs du Mal, Baudelaire Soaps carries five delightful bath and body lines from Switzerland, Germany, France and Canada.

Jardin de l'OlivierMy favorite is Jardin de l’Olivier. Beautifully packaged with Provençal charm, the products are rich in olive oil and scented in a sophisticated blend of lavender, artemisia, oak moss, lemon and tarragon.

If you crave regal, eye-catching products to display in your bathroom prominently or give as gifts – this line is it.

The range offers a rich Body Lotion ($15.00 for 6.8oz), Bath and Shower Cream ($12.50 for 6.8oz), Hand Cream ($12.50 for 2oz), Dry Oil ($15.00 for 4.2oz), and several other tantalizing products.

Provence Santé
, made in the south of France, offers a beautiful assortment of classic fragrances. Shower Gel ($12.50 for 6.8oz), Liquid Soap ($13.50 for 16.9oz), Body Lotion ($17.50 for 6.8oz), Bath Salts ($14.50 for 20oz), Eau de Toilette ($25.00 for 3.5oz), and soaps in several sizes ($15.00 for 12oz "Big Bar", $10.00 for 7oz round bar) are available in Bergamot, Vetiver, Lavender, Sweet Almond, Wild Rose, Apricot, Magnolia, Honeysuckle, Vervain and my favorite, the delicate, sensual Linden.

Apiana Royal Jelly SoapApiana
from Switzerland offers adorable honeycomb pattern soaps in Alpine Milk, Propolis, Honey Gardener’s and Royal Jelly ($5.50 for 3.5oz bar, packaged in charming boxes).

I adore the Alpine Shower Gel and Alpine Milk Body Lotion (each $12.50 for 6.8oz); sporting a fresh, clean scent. This is a wonderful pick-me-up at the end of a long day or after exercise.

Baudelaire also carries Hübner, a therapeutic line of bath oils straight from the Black Forest of Germany. These contain up to 40% essential oils in a vegetable base and are without a doubt among the highest quality bath oils available.

Nine Bath Oils ($17.00 for 4.1oz) are available including the heavenly Lavender, relaxing Hops, reviving Rosemary and healing Dwarf Pine, which just so happens to be my staple sinus and cold-clearing bath elixir. Yes, it works like magic.

Baudelaire also carries Essence Soaps and Bébé Baudelaire, for the little ones. Shipping within the continental US is free for all orders over $50.00; and, for every five items purchased, you receive an additional item for free. is a good read; full of fun facts and the history of each line as well as information on the benefits of the natural ingredients used in their products.


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