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What Does Your Skin Say?
Subtle Notes of Interest
By Lisa Link

For starters, take a good look at the condition of your skin, and evaluate what your strengths and weaknesses are (deep centering breath).

While this isn't the time to be overcritical, it is the time to be honest.

Is the overall condition of your skin soft, even-toned, and flake-free?
Do you have any skin care problems; acne on your back or chest?
Do you have any moles that will be a problem?

Understanding your skin is the best way to get it in the best condition possible.

Whether dryness and "ashy" color are your problem, or extra oil production has you looking downright greasy instead of delightfully dewy, there are steps you can take that will address these problems, and magnify all the positive things you love about your skin.


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