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Milder Than Water
Beaute Pacifique
By Jill Bowling

On the far end of the price spectrum is Beaute Pacifique's Seriously Mild Shower Gel. While expensive, this is an excellent product.

Advertised as being "milder than water", the gel has a very mild scent that left me feeling very relaxed. The gel lathers into nice, creamy foam that was great for shaving.

This gel is excellent for showering more than once a day because it didn't dehydrate my skin at all. It actually made my skin feel moisturized as soon as I stepped out of the shower.

I usually feel like I have to apply lotion directly after I get out of the shower, but I would sometimes wait until morning and my skin did not feel dry or tight. Instead it left my skin feeling very fresh and healthy!

Seriously Mild Shower Gel can be found at (when in stock-I haven't had much luck lately,) for $28.00 for a 7.1oz. bottle. OUCH!

It's definitely worth the price, though, if finding a product that doesn't irritate your skin has been a challenge. The body lotions that complement the shower gel range from about $20 to $48.


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