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Sweet Soaps
Ellen Cagnassola
By Melissa Miller

You gotta love the motto of Ellen Cagnassola, owner of Sweet Soaps: "Talk dirty! We’ll make more soaps!" After all, she has cornered the market on clever and fun glycerin soaps in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

A few of her innovative creations are Soap Roses ($3), an Animal Soap Set ($15 for 4 piece set,) Ocean Ensemble with beautiful coconut scented conch, sand dollar and scallop shell soaps ($15 for 3 soaps,) Prince and Princess Jewel Soaps in brightly colored gem shapes ($10 a box), Tea Cup and Saucer Soaps in a green tea fragrance ($4 each,) and Statute of Liberty Soap, an exact replica of Lady Liberty in 3D in a fresh laundry fragrance ($12 for 7oz).

Sentimental Soaps
($4 a bar) servesweetsoaps soap as glow in the dark greetings cards with words inside each bright pink, raspberry scented bar. You can choose from a menu of phrases such as "Hi", "Congrats", "Kiss" and many more.

Cagnassola accidentally invented a process that enables her to put any words or black image inside of a bar of soap. This includes black and white photos, so any photo may be encased in a bar of her beautiful soap.

Photo Soaps ($25 for 4.4oz white bar) are big sellers and perfect gifts for loved ones. Glycerin Logo Soaps ($2.50 for 4oz/50 bar minimum) are popular as they can be personalized with any word, message or logo and even made to glow in the dark.

Cagnassola began making glycerin soap as a fun activity with her then three-year-old daughter Mary Ellen. The first thing she noticed was that the soap reminded her of candy, so she wrapped it up like it was a sugary treat, which people loved.

This put things into motion and she came up with many ideas for novelty soaps. She continues to add interesting and fresh ones each year. Since Cagnassola created Sweet Soaps, the company has developed a tremendous following and garnered quite a bit of press in magazines and newspapers including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

She loves running her business online, as opposed to a brick and mortar store. Because is open 24/7 to the world, wholesale accounts have come from as far away as Switzerland as a result of people viewing her website.

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