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The Scent of the Sea
Mineral Care
By Debbie Steele

I started with a lotion from Mineral Care, a line of products made in Israel containing minerals and plant extracts from the Dead Sea.

Mineral CareThere are several such product lines; the best-known one is probably AHAVA. Mineral Care’s Moisturizing Body Lotion has become one of my favorites.

It has a refreshing, subtle scent that is not too sweet. It is a medium-weight lotion, and is not at all greasy. The best thing about this lotion: When you take a big whiff, you really can smell the salty-mineral smell of the sea.

This lotion glides on easily, and so is suitable to use on damp or dry skin. The scent lingers for hours after putting it on. An 8.5oz bottle sells for $16.00 at


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