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Aromatherapy for Humans
By Debbie Steele

Finally, I tried two products from Aromaleigh, an aromatherapy-oriented company offering "Always fun, fabulous and 100% natural aromatic products for pampered pets and people."

A visit to will remind you of your place in the universe: "human products" is only one category of offerings, alongside canine and feline products (Aromaleigh is one of very few companies offering aromatherapy products for pets). In the "human" category, they have recently launched a line of cosmetics and a collection of baby care products.

I first tried their Jojoba Heavy Herbal Body Cream ($15 for 8oz.) Despite the name, this cream had the consistency of yogurt. A notice on Aromaleigh’s website warns that, when exposed to hot temperatures, this cream will become thinner. Although I ordered mine in April, perhaps it encountered some hot temperatures on the way.

Anyway, this is still a nice lotion. The thinner consistency means that it works well on dry or damp skin. Its distinctive fragrance comes from a combination of essential oils: rose, lavender, sweet marjoram, petitgrain, geranium and ylang ylang.

I next tried their Aromatherapy Body Butter ($15 for 4oz) This product contains cocoa butter, shea butter and mango butter, and smells fabulous: to me, the cocoa butter gave it a rich, tropical, chocolatey smell.

It provided rich, long-lasting moisture, and the initial greasiness that inevitably accompanies it. Again, however, consistency was an issue. I suppose this is an unavoidable consequence of Aromaleigh’s commitment to using all-natural ingredients.

Aromaleigh advises that this product may have a “granular” appearance, because it does not contain synthetic emulsifiers. Here’s how I would describe the consistency: Imagine melting some butter is a cup, stirring in a generous amount of cornmeal (or grits, for you fellow Southerners), and then putting it in the refrigerator until it solidifies.

Here’s the problem I ran into: when I rubbed it on my skin, the little granules would sort of clump and then fall off my skin. I finally came up with a solution: I put the tub in the microwave for about 20 seconds before each use.

This allowed me to get a nice melted layer off the top (note: Aromaleigh advises against exposing this product to heat, because the ingredients may separate. For me, though, it worked). After I perfected the microwave method, I really started to enjoy this luscious, effective moisturizer. Aromaleigh products are available only through the company web site:

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