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Sumbody to Love
By Tonie Minsal

Youíre gonna love Sumbody ~ this is one of the funnest (is that a word?!) lines Iíve tried in a long time. And their products work! Readers, this reviewer is not easily impressed, but Iíve added Sebastopol, California based Sumbody to my very (read, 3) limited list of purveyors that I will actually plunk down cash for.

Iíll start with my two new absolute favorite products of all time ~ some of the best Iíve ever used. These are two of the most truly new & effective products Iíve ever tried. I am so jazzed about Sumbodyís Midnight Polishing Grains ~ genius. Made with forbidden rice, almonds, & soy milk. Astonishing. You have to try these.

Just get them, love your be-you-ti-ful self in the mirror, then email me your undying gratitude. :) The Cocoa Smooth Face Mask is absolutely brilliant ~ leaves skin baby-butt soft, smooth, & clear for days.

Like smearing chocolate cake batter on your face ~ try not to lick the bowl. Astoundingly great. Highly recommended. Two snaps up & circle gets the square for these two products ~ both are highly, highly recommended.

Sumbodyís Lip Balm is one of the best Iíve ever used ~ & we all know you can never have enough lip balm! Shea butter, apricot, pistachio, castor, avocado, & jojoba oils, plus beeswax. Really slippery. I tried the Lavender ~ it even tastes sweet!

If youíre looking for a mild facial cleanser, try the C Me Glow ~ a gentle cream. Go Jo Jo is a super mild facial scrub ~ contains little jojoba beads ~ very gentle. Smells faintly pepperminty.

The Deep Sea Face Mask is a deep cleanser containing deep sea mud, French green clay & charcoal. Lovely. I like to add a drop of essential oil to the mix.

Salt Scrub Bon Bons are a great idea ~ little cocoa butter confections filled with sea salt to scrub your raspy bits in the bath or shower. Wrinkle In Time contains green tea, & spirulina, ~ smells kinda seaweedy lemongrassy. Fun fun fun, & they work great! Leaves feet like glass.

Sumbodyís Bath Fizzers transform your bath water into a skin softening spa~ no oil or butter in these, so your tub stays clean. Try the Lavender Dream for a relax. Ocean Potion contains sea salt, sea clay, & spirulina. Smells fab.

Sumbody does both Sugar Scrubs and Salt Scrubs ~ take your pick. The Salt Scrubs contain sea salt, oils, butters, and essential oils. If you want a gentle moisturizing scrub, go for the Sugar Scrubs ~ same basic recipe, but with white sugar instead of the salt.

The one I tried even had coconut milk and cream in it! If thereís a scrub out there thatís more fun to use, I have yet to try it! These both come in about seven million flavors ~ be sure to ask for the blends that contain only essential oils for fragrance.

Palm It is a solid bar of moisturizing cocoa & shea butters. Use in the bath or after your shower for total moisture.

The Baby Butt Salve is soft and easy to use ~ ingredients include shea butter, fruit & nut oils, and healing herbs. Smells sweet, flowery, & herby ~ soothing & healing.

Sumbody has such a huge line of products ~ itís gonna take me some time to try them all, but what fun! Check Ďem out, do! I canít stress enough what a great line this is ~ when you try it, Iím sure youíll love Sumbody!

(866) sum-body

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