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Natural Esscents
By Melissa Miller

Monique Meyers, owner of Natural Esscents, knew she had hit pay dirt when a customer dreamed of her much loved Wedding Cake Body Cream. It just so happened that the customer had covered herself in the cream before she went to bed and woke up licking her arm.

Wedding Cake Body Cream ($7 for 4oz) has a gorgeous vanilla scent that even non-vanilla lovers covet. natural esscents sugar scrubThe Body Cream, available in several scents including Lemon Poundcake, Chocolate Chewy Coconut, Pineapple Slices and Creamsicle, is an ultra-hydrating mix of coconut oil, plus shea and cocoa butters.

Natural Esscents Sugar Limone Body Scrub ($8 for 8 oz., $16 for 16 oz.) is famous for its sugary-sweet aroma and perfect blend of grit and oils. Forget Fresh Sugar Scrub -- this is vastly superior at a fraction of the price.

Other favorites are Cotton Candy Salt Scrub ($8 for 8 oz., $16 for 16oz) with the aroma of fresh spun cotton candy from the county fair, and Vanilla Pear Shea Butter ($12 for 2oz), which leaves a hint of this beautiful light fragrance on your skin all day.

Natural Esscents offers delightful seasonal specials such as winter holiday gift sets with body creams and perfume roll-ons in Cinnamon Buns, Sugar Cookie and Eggnog.

Monique Meyers finds the inspiration for her foody scents from customer feedback and restaurant menu items with delicious aromas, such as raspberry lemonade, which became the popular Raspberry Lemonade Sugar Scrub.

The line also includes Foaming Milk Bath ($7 for 6oz), Bath Salts ($8 for 16oz bag), Perfume Roll-on ($4 for
oz) and Shower Gel ($7 for 8oz) in a variety of scents available at

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