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MMU Cosmetiques
By Melissa Miller

Scent master Nancy Wasley created MMU Cosmetiques almost two years ago. She has created an impressive range of products, including makeup, hair products and an ever-growing assortment of bath and body items.

With over 150 scents to choose from, Nancy custom blends each item to order, often combining 2-3 scents into one glorious, unique aroma. Customer scent favorites are Lemon Batter and Brown MMU creme de beurre Sugar (which many liken to one of Fresh’s scents), and White Mud Cake by itself or with another scent (Nancy ships over 100 products in this fragrance a week).

One of my favorite products in this line is Crème de Beurre, a rich blend of shea and cocoa butters in Orange Vanille, the perfect creamy, whipped, sweet orange.

Goat Milk and Honey Body Wash
($11 for 8oz), which I tried in a delightful Lettuce Leaf scent, is gentle and skin softening without SLS.

I sampled two body scrubs, Sugared Seas in Magnolia Blossom, a lovely flowery blend of sea salts and sugar, as well as Polish Me Up in Sweet Vanilla Milk and All About Grapefruit, a lush blend of buttermilk, oils and brown sugar with the soft whiff of yellow grapefruit and vanilla sugar (each $12 for 8oz).

My favorite MMU item is the Sweet Body Butter in Orange Biscotti and Cinnamon Buns, a delicious, spicy orange aroma. It contains shea butter (80%), rose hip and jojoba oils and leaves the skin like butter without an oily or sticky feel. Sweet Body Butter is great for winter skin as well as for the summer months because it leaves a glowing sheen on bare arms and legs.

MMU also has Purse Pot Perfumes ($8 for ¼oz), Purity Perfume Oil ($16 for .05oz), 100% Shea Butter ($14 for 4oz), Guardian Angel Body Balm and Body Custard body creams ($9 for 4 oz., $18 for 8oz), Hands Down Protective Hand Cream ($9 for 4oz), Soul Provider Foot Cream ($9 for 4oz), Have a Bath Milk Bath ($11 for 8oz), and Wash My Hair Shampoo and Hair Smoothie Conditioner ($11 for 8oz), all of which may be custom-scented.

Wasley loves to mix and match scents so if you see that something is not listed in scent menu or if you would like to have a shower gel or lotion created in your favorite perfume, drop her a line. She’s got the nose!

She also created, a fun and informative website with beauty tips, reviews, links and a message board.

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