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Toy Soap, Toy Soap, Toy Soap...
By Gigi Brewer

First, I sampled soaps from They specialize in "good clean fun for everyone" with their glycerin soaps in a wide variety of colors. What is unique about these bars of soap is that each has some type of prize inside.

I used one bar for myself and gave one bar to my 9 year old son. I gave the other two bars to friends with young children. We all agreed - Soap Vision bars are FUN!!!

Because the bars are clear, children can see the prize inside and are eager to wash. With Soap Vision, there's no more "Oh Mom, do I have to take a bath?"

And with hundreds of different bars to choose from, including tropical fish, butterflies, insects, frogs, sea life, zoo animals, dinosaurs and many more, kids will never be bored.

Because the toys are small, Soap Vision does caution parents to be careful with children under age 4. A collection of eight bars featuring a variety of imbeds is $39.50, and twelve bar collections are $59.40 available from their retail site at Because Soap Vision soaps are made form glycerin, they last only about 7-10 days.


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