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Crystals and Muffins
Novelty Soaps
By Gigi Brewer

The last soaps I sampled came from Caerlon Gardens located in Snoqualmie, Washington. T.J. Currey, the "soap mistress" at Caerlon Gardens, offers a wide variety of products: Veggie Oil and Nut Butter Soaps in such exotic scents as Ginger Splash, Loco Kokomo, Autumn Rhapsody and Ocean Bay Rum Nights, flea-repelling doggie soaps, and spa products including body scrubs, bath crystals and lotions.

I sampled two of her novelty soap items. The first one I tried was Rock Crystals; a crystal shaped glycerin soap in a wonderful lavender scent (at the site, you'll find this listed with the "Lotions, Salts and Lipbalms").

According to T.J., she created this soap after discovering that many of her customers used her soaps to scent their bathrooms. In response, she created Rock Crystals, which look as pretty as they smell. They also work wonderfully as soap. I liked it so much I was really sorry to see my rock crystal soap melt away!

Next, I tried a set of Soap Muffins. Each set of soap muffins includes one orange and one lemon poppyseed soap muffin packaged in a muffin tin with a clear lid. These too were a lot of fun.

The great thing about Caerlon Gardens is their incredible prices. They promise "spa items at drugstore prices" a promise they live up to. The Caerlon Gardens web site includes an interesting and informative description of T.J.'s soap making techniques, including pictures, and is well worth checking out.

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